Water Bath Incubator Shaker

Water Bath Incubator Shaker is a double walled unit with inside made of thick S.S sheet...

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Bottle Washing machine Single Brush

Bottle Washing machine  Single Brush Electrically table model with DC motor variable ...

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Electric Agate MortarPrestile (Fisher Type)

Electric Agate Prestile mortarfor  unattended grindig of non- gummy and non -fibrous materials ....

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Ball Mill  operated

Ball Mill  operated electrically having a capacity frome a few gram to 1 kg ....

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Lab Willey Mill (Arthur Thomas type )

The chamber fitted with hopper provided with acover .Three delivery stainless ...

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vortex Mixiture (Cyclic Mixture)

Viortex Mixiture (Cyclic Mixture  are useful to accelerate mixing of solutions in test tubes ....

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